Dear Miss Universe


Congratulations Miss Paulina! I hope it’s alright if I call you Paulina. You must still be in shock from the other night. I can’t imagine how you felt, waiting as the announcer drew out the seconds that felt like hours, then hearing your name boom across the stage, you! 2015’s Miss Universe! Hearing your name with that title must have been so exhilarating, maybe even a bit relieving. What an incredible honor! But, this letter is more than a congratulations. It’s also a plea.

You’ve been given such a precious gift. I’m not referring to your toned body or beautiful face or all the freebies you’ll be receiving in the next year. I’m talking about your opportunity to really make a difference. The responsibility bestowed upon you is to become a female role-model who’s impassioned about making her world better. Time to show us that woman.

Tell her what’s true

When you go to charity events and a doe-eyed girl gazes up at you to whisper, “You’re so beautiful. One day I want to be just like you,” please don’t smile down and answer sweetly, “Maybe one day I’ll get to see you wear that crown.” Tell that little girl something real. Tell her: “But you don’t need a crown to be beautiful. You already are. True beauty comes from here.” Then, lean down and gently point to that little girl’s heart.

Remember, you’re a person

Since you’ve made it to the top, I know you’ve endured twisted judgement and reverse values. But, when you attend the 2,023 events lined up for you, do me a favor: refuse to be an eye-piece.

In competition, you strutted across the stage clad in shimmery pink bikini, allowing the world to judge you based solely on the aesthetics of your body. Don’t get me wrong, you have outstanding physique that you worked hard on, but please don’t ever value the praise of your body over your worth as a person. Prove to us that you have far more to offer this world than visual stimulation.

Be one of us

You’ve been placed on a high pedestal, Miss Paulina. So high, in fact, that your onlookers may start looking small and insignificant. But, don’t forget about the times you were young and gazed with wonder upon a crowned beauty queen. Don’t forget that the people who made your pedestal are just like you.

Interact with average people like ourselves. Write messages to us online, take the time to respond to our fan mail, have a conversation with the people who ask for a mere photo. Do more than just grant us the distant Miss Universe wave and smile.

Be beautiful

The competition is over. You’ve proven that you look great on the outside, now show us that your heart is just as beautiful.

I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2015 as Miss Universe. It’s going to be quite the ride. The world believes you are a stunning woman, now it’s your turn make the world more beautiful.

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