Very Inspiring Blogger Award (7 fun facts + 7 nominees)

I’m thrilled to announce that Freckle Me Silly has been nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Alyssa K. on Alyssa K. Loves. This specific award means a lot to me because my followers are my driving factor in creating posts. I aim to inspire and better people’s lives, whether that’s through an open letter to Miss Universe or educating you on what fruit really is or making someone smile with the guide on how to properly sing in the shower.

I hope that you feel inspired when you read my posts. Know that you can always contact me with any feedback or suggestions, or just to chat, by visiting the contact box of my About page or emailing me at Back to the award…

very_inspiring_bloggerThe rules are these:
• Thank the blogger/s who nominated you
• List the rules, and display the award
• Share 7 facts about yourself
• Nominate other awesome blogs

7 facts about me:

  • I learned a bit of handwriting analysis in college (anyone interested in a future post on this?)
  • I have an insatiable sweet tooth for marshmallows (my boyfriend is well-aware and advocates moderation every time).
  • Estoy tratando de aprender español.
  • I once completed a monthly challenge of four-minute showers.
  • A current joy of mine is singing in my church choir, even if it means 8 a.m. weekend practice. 🙂
  • My mom wanted to name me Aurora and call me Rorie for short.
  • Once, I was talking on my phone outside at night when a bug, attracted to the light of my phone screen, flew into my ear and got stuck. The bug kept trying to escape and I could hear the wings buzzing inside my head. Unfortunately, it was deep enough in my ear canal that no one else could even see it. This is definitely the closest I’ve ever felt to going insane.

My inspirational nominations: 

  • K on Peeled: I just recently found this blog and it’s SO awesome! K is inspiring and empowering in giving step-by-step basics of living a healthy lifestyle. She also started Tell ’em Tuesdays, which is a fantastic way to network and find amazing new blogs!
  • Bianca, Sara and Kate on The Friendly Fig: These ladies inspire healthy eating with a hilarious writing voice. You’ll see recipes like vegan shamrock shakes and sunshine smoothie bowl with lifestyle posts sprinkled throughout. I also love that they post about their favorite cruelty-free brands.
  • Addison on Chocolate & Chaturangas: Follow the adventures of an aspiring yoga teacher (Addi just taught her first class, woohoo!) who shares the daily joys she finds in life. This is an inspiring slice of life blog that focuses on a positive outlook in life.
  • Jordyn on My Goodness: Sometimes workout motivation is hard to come by, which is why a little inspiration from another blogger goes a long way. Not only does she share workouts and reasons ladies should be lifting (preach!), Jordyn also writes about recipies and life, including her gorgeous wedding!
  • Jules on Jules on the Run: Top-notch advice from an exercise specialist. Need I say more? Jules shares reviews, tips on a better post-workout recovery and tons of other helpful fitness tips. Oh, and Jules introduced me to the most hilarious cookbook I’ve ever seen!

11 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award (7 fun facts + 7 nominees)”

  1. Wow – thank you sooo much for the nomination and for the sweet words. I’m a big fan of your blog, too. You are HILARIOUS – especially your singing in the shower post 😀 xx bianca

  2. Hey Brianna!
    Thank you so much for the nomination! I’m so glad we found each other in this giant blogosphere. I’m so looking forward to being blog’n buddies (bb’s? can we make that a thing now? #makingmyownacronyms)

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