Liebster Award!

Good morning blog family! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award from not one, but THREE fellow bloggers! What an amazing honor. I’m seriously ecstatic! I’ve been nominated by Soph on Honey Bunny SophJess on Anderson Ever After and Britt on Brittney Fitney, whose blogs are all top-notch and an utter joy to follow!

This award is an incredible opportunity for new bloggers with less than 200 followers to meet fellow blossoming bloggers. If you are nominated, you…

liebster1Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetliebster3

  • Nominate deserving bloggers with less than 200 followers
  • Inform them of their nomination
  • Answer questions posted by the presenter
  • Ask your nominees questions to keep the chain going
  • Display the award on your blog

I hope you’re prepared, because you are about to learn SO many fascinating tidbits about me! Don’t worry, you will not be quizzed afterward.

Here are questions Soph asked along with my answers:

1. Where did you grow up? I grew up, and still live, in the beautiful Midwest!
2. What is your favourite coffee? I don’t drink coffee often, but I really like cappuccinos.
3. What is your favourite colour? Teal. I love a perfect balance of green and blue.
4. What is your dream job? An interior decorator who flips homes, then decorates them only to surprise-donate the homes to families with financial hardships.
5. What is your zodiac sign? I am a ferocious Leo. Rawr!
6. What are your phobias? Grasshoppers. Their big eyes, their erratic flight pattern, their body armor shell…I hate all of it.
7. What is your favourite skincare brand? Trader Joe’s actually! I love their oatmeal and honey bar soap.
8. What is your favourite make up item? Mineral Fusion mascara
9. What is your favourite quote?
10. What is your best beauty tip? Natural beauty is the most captivating beauty that exists, never forget that.
11. What is your biggest pet peeve? Inconsiderateness

Questions from Jess with my answers:

1. what is your favorite thing to blog about? It’s a tie between inspirational posts and humor
2. what kind of posts do you dislike the most? I hate to say this because so many blogs I follow do this, but I don’t like “5 for Friday” type of posts because every Friday, a crazy amount of bloggers I follow publish that style of post and it’s the only thing I see on my newsfeed.
3. what is the very first thing you do in the morning? Open my curtain just enough for a sliver of sunlight to hit my face and just lie there for a minute or two.
4. what movie can you watch over & over and never get tired of it? None. However, a TV show I could do that with is Community.
5. where do you see yourself in 10 years? Married to Brian and living in an adorable village in Germany (because I’d be trilingual) while writing about our travels around the rest of Europe.
6. where would you go for your dream vacation? Outer space!!

7. what is a weird quirk that you have? Sometimes, when I’m about to fall asleep, all relaxed in bed with my eyes closed, someone will make a loud noise and I’ll see a bright flash of color.

Questions from Britt with answers:

  1. Name 3 things you love about yourself and why. My freckles: they make me unique, my empathy: it motivates me to help others,
  2. What is your favorite gym outfit? Breathable tank top and yoga pants or capris
  3. Name 2 of your favorite types of cardio. Zumba and kickboxing!
  4. Say you have a free day, no work, class, anyone to look after, how do you spend it? I would make berry crepes for breakfast, go on a long bike ride, read a book outside, grill burgers with my hilarious grandma, shop for something cool to buy my bf, cook a scrumptious supper and chill watching a TV series.


  1. What is your favorite TV show series, if you don’t watch a show, name your favorite movie, or both! For humor: Community, for drama: Sherlock on BBC
  2. What is your biggest gym pet peeve? People who use weights/equipment and don’t put them away (see my post: Why no one at the gym likes you)
  3. Do you have a nickname(s)? Bri, sometimes Breezy.
  4. Name a fun random fact about yourself. Once when I was in team gymnastics, my tooth got knocked out so I snapped it back in place with my finger. It’s been slightly off-white ever since.
  5. Coffee or Tea? What kind/brand is your favorite? Coffee, and any bag from the store that costs more than $5 tastes good to me.
  6. List 5 things you do every single day. Check my Fitbit stats, drink water, wish the working world had nap time, catch up on news, climb several flights of stairs

Whew! Did you make it through all those interesting tidbits? Now, I’d like to nominate and ask some questions of a few amazing bloggers that I follow! Please forgive me if you’ve already been nominated.

My nominees:

Ilia’s Cup of Tea
Aquaberry Bliss
Her Balanced Life
A Diary of a Young Lady
In The New House
Julia Gone Rogue

My questions:

What are your favorite hobbies?
Do you prefer texting or phone calls?
What movie is your life most like?
What’s the best vacation you’ve been on?
What would your superhero name and power be?
Where do you write your blogs?
What’s your best advice for other bloggers?

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