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Square feet & 6 other “normal” quirks

I’ve been told I have square feet. By multiple people. My grandma literally busted out laughing when my boyfriend pointed out how square they are and she looked down to confirm. Having spent my whole life with these boxy little cuties, I never noticed.


And that’s not my only unique bodily quirk…

1. Uncontrollable eye twitch when eating: I have some weird nerve or tendon connection from my jaw to my eye. The result is that whenever I open my jaw past a certain point (like to chew food) my right eyelid involuntarily expands as wide as possible.  If I focus, I can relax the muscles, but I can’t stop it from shooting open in the first place.

2. Wannabe widow hairline: Instead of having a fully curved widow hairline, I have a chunk of about twelve hairs that juts down a few centimeters lower than the rest of my hairline, right in the middle of my forehead.

3. The mother of all hiccups: Often after eating, I get one loud mother-of-all hiccups. Not a round of them or three cute, ladylike ones but an obnoxious  noise that confuses nearby people into saying either “bless you” or “are you okay?”

4. Corner of the lip hole: Tucked in the corner of my right lip, back where no one can see it unless my mouth is open, is a deep dent. There’s a mini-crater just chillin’ out there. No reason. Just cuz.

5. Half dead tooth: I once had a front tooth knocked partially out in high school team gymnastics. So, of course, I hooked my thumb behind it and snapped it back into place. Which, apparently resulted in a slightly off-white, partially dead tooth. Luckily, only people I’ve told ever even notice.

6. Flat ribs: I just recently discovered (I’m in my early 20’s, by the way) that my left ribs have a pancake-sized flat spot. Instead of a swooping curve, there’s an inexplicable round, flat area. My body is a lemon.


No one’s body is perfect. Everyone has their weird quirks, even if their body is at its physical prime – which I am definitely not claiming for myself, by the way. Be happy with what you’ve been given. There are some who have less.

Recognize the difference between what you can and cannot change about your body. If you can’t change it, don’t waste your energy worrying about it. Do what you’re capable of and be satisfied with that.

Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and your mind sharp.
-Henry Rollins

If you have two legs that successfully transport you places, and if you’re blessed enough to feel and hear the wind scream past as you push into a full sprint, be thankful.

If you see every beautiful color melting into one another in the vibrant rainbow that hangs in the sky after a summer storm, be grateful.

If you can hear the gentle chimes of fingers cascading over harp strings or the meadowlark trilling a serenade, be gratified.

If you know the smell of crisp fall leaves, the fragrance of freshly baked pie or the aroma of damp bark intermingled with sweet flowers, be content.

Take a brief moment this morning to appreciate your body. Think about the amazing things you’ve accomplished with it. Consider how no one else in the entire human history has an identical body to yours. Reflect on the incredible complexity maintained just to keep breathing each day. And be content.

I love my light eye color and freckles. What do you love about your body? Remember that feature throughout your day or share in a comment below to help create a thread of gratitude and body-acceptance.


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