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25 Skills To Learn Before 25

So, apparently 25 is the age you gain official adult status nowadays. Your brain isn’t fully developed or something until you’ve hit this ripe age, according to some doctors somewhere.

Well, I think that there are a few skills that everyone should know before entering the “adulting” phase of life. Get yourself ready to truly earn your man or ladyhood with these must-have life skills.

1. Sew a ripped seam: Learn how to stitch up ripped clothing. You’re bound to need this skill at some point.

2. Change the oil in your car: Even if you do it once, then take your car to the shop for all future oil changes, you should know the process from first-hand experience.

3.  Cook/bake: I’m not saying you need a signature dish or anything. But, you should be able to make something more complex than Mac ‘n cheese.

4. Talk to kids: Every adult was once a kid, but people somehow forget how to talk to kids as they grow older. Volunteer at a youth group or be a summer camp counselor. Interacting with kids, tweens and teens is a priceless life skill.

5. Make your bed: Seriously, just do it.

6. Plan a camping trip: You’re undoubtedly an adult after you’ve planned a camping trip. Meal prep, tent pitching, fire-building and first aid are a few of the bonus skills you’ll leave with.

7. Recycle: As an adult resident of planet Earth, it is your duty to care for this beautiful place we call home. Learn where the closest recycling bin is and use the crap out of it. For the earth!
8. Grow something and keep it alive: Grass does not count.

9. Critique a book or movie: If you’re going to be advertising your favorite book or movie, you should have a sound argument to back it up. Be able to explain why the media you consume is worthy of attention, or not worthy.

10. Write a good online review: Way too many adults accompany their five-star product review with a “luv this!” Make the time to help the online community with a well-thought out, intelligible review.

11. Budget: You knew this one was coming. Because with great student loans come great budgeting responsibilities.

12. Properly use social media: At 25, you should know better than spewing political insults or posting passive aggressive jabs on social media. I don’t want to tell you what to say, but consider the message you’re sending about your character before you post.

13. Perfect your handwriting: I know it’s a digital world and all, but after 25 years you should no longer be saying, “I have terrible handwriting.” Get a pen pal or start journaling. Love your own penmanship!

14. Create an exercise routine: Sorry to break it to you, but your physical prime is quickly slipping away. Which is why it’s so important to learn how to create a fun work out routine. Or save some from Pinterest. Same result.

15. Bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie: Hint: use a package of pudding for extra melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.

16. Use each laundry temperature setting: I used to wash all my clothes in one load with cold water every time. I was so naive. Now, I know better. Because I’m an adult.

17. Appreciate poetry: You don’t have to become the next Shakespeare, but please don’t tell me the only poem you’ve read by the time you turn 25 starts with “roses are red, violets are blue.”

18. Unplug: Learning to unplug is an art that every adult should master. Set a good example for the children of the world, and take up an off-screen hobby or two.

19. Take criticism with class: Don’t be that guy.

20. Navigate without Google Maps: First: you should know how to get around your local area. Second: you should be able to find your destination even if all electronic maps fail you.

21. Have a positive argument: Arguing is about respectfully sharing, listening and comparing opinions. Key word being “respectfully.”

22. Do your own taxes: Unless your mom work for the IRS, you should be doing your own taxes by now.

23. Recognize a pyramid scheme: I have seen way too many people’s social media accounts get hacked by some product-pushing stranger that I don’t know anymore. This is a serious problem nowdays. Know how to recognize this.

24. Make an excellent cup of coffee: None of that office break room crap.

25. Throw an awesome birthday party: If you expect to get a awesome birthday party when you turn 25, you better be throwing your friends some unforgettable birthday bashes too.

Did I miss anything? How close are you to completing this list? Let me know in a comment below!

4 thoughts on “25 Skills To Learn Before 25”

  1. I would say I have most of these down. As cliché as it is, I added check something off your bucket list. I turned 25 last year and realized I really hadn’t taken the time to do this. If you get this list down, you’re doing just fine!

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