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How Food Can Help Us Achieve World Peace

Food is powerful. It can turn hangry  into happy, cranky into chummy. Even biblical Esau gave up his entire future for a mouthwatering bowl of stew. You can’t deny there’s a carnal power hidden in food. So, why not use that to change the world? To achieve world peace.

You’re not seeing the correlation? Allow me to better illustrate.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the Ethnic Enrichment Festival. It showcased a blend of countries through performance, artisan craft and – you guessed it – food!

With tents from more than 60 cultures, there was plenty of cuisine to appreciate. Each dish gave us a taste of life in a different country. We were transported to their world. We threw away all racial preconceptions and simply became one people. No national tensions, no stereotyping, just sharing delicious bites. It was a great way to transcend social barriers in a little United Nations, bonding over great food.

Don’t worry, I took photos of everything I ate, like the true foodie I am. Check out this Serbian Moussaka. Yum!

Enjoying a foreign, home cooked meal is like taking a mini flavor-cation to that country. The minute we entered the gates, my Peruvian friend was on the prowl for his country’s booth, looking for a taste of home in the form of ceviche. Which he found pretty quickly.

Ceviche is a blend of marinated salmon, veggies and spices that create a flavor-packed dish of maritime zest. I learned that fish is a staple in Peru due to their close proximity to the ocean. We also enjoyed oceanside cuisine from the islands of Jamaica and Somoa.

Jerk chicken from Jamaica

Somoan cuisine

The Jamaican jerk chicken was covered in spicy seasoning while the Somoan chicken had a sweeter tang. After these flavorful dishes, I was ready for a drink. My eagle eyes picked out the smoothie sign from five hundred yards away. Thank you, Vietnam, for your refreshing mango boba tea!

Even after this delicious drink, my sweet tooth wasn’t quite satiated. So, I went back to my roots with a German apricot pastry. It was delicately sweet with flaky texture. Worth lifting to the sky in celebration of such deliciousness.

Through the whole experience, we enhanced our knowledge and respect for other cultures. It was incredible to see immigrants from so many countries joining together to share and honor their unique customs and delicacies without any judgement. It truly felt like a tiny little taste of world peace.


6 thoughts on “How Food Can Help Us Achieve World Peace”

  1. I love this!! Now I really want to find a festival like this near me. The power of food is incredible. I do truly believe it can make a huge difference 🙂 and I’m so happy you shared some Serbian food. My married name is Serbian and I love learning new bits about their culture.

    1. Lots of cities host food festivals, I hope you find one to go to! That’s so cool that you can relate to Serbian culture in that way! The food was really delicious. The sauerkraut reminds me of German food 🙂

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