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Top 5 Hikes in Glacier National Park

We recently went on the trip of a lifetime and, I must say, beautiful is an understatement. I was awestruck, mystified and utterly enchanted by Glacier National Park.

I’ve been to Rocky Mountain National Park and GNP blew it out of the water! The towering mountains,  azure lakes and mountainside trails make for an unforgettable experience.

My husband, two friends and I packed into a car and drove 20 hours to Glacier. We spent 5 nights camping in the park and hiked so much I thought my feet would fall off. Here are my favorite trails!

1. St. Mary Falls

This trail was a stunner! Lakeside views Sparkling blue waters ✓ Tree-brushed mountains ✓ Trail-side waterfalls ✓ Vivid meadows. It was seriously the perfect welcome trail to GNP. 

2. Iceberg Lake

Iceberg Lake was by far my favorite trail. The entire path (nearly 10 miles) runs along a mountainside, giving you stunning views of the flower-covered valley. Plus, the destination is incredible! Even in July, parts of the trail were snow covered and the lake was full of icebergs. This was actually the first time I’d ever seen an iceberg!

3. Hidden Lake

Surprisingly, this trail made a sweating, panting mess out of me. It was relatively short at 5.4 miles, but the majority of the hike was going up the side of a mountain at an uncomfortable angle in complete snow. I was insanely grateful for my waterproof boots (thanks, Coleman.)

Once we arrived at the lake, we were lucky enough to see some furry mountain goats, which was cool! They would just walk right in front of you on the trail, completely unconcerned that a human was nearby.

4. Grinnell Lake

This hike was one of our favorites because of the variety of scenery. You start by hiking around a lake, then end up on a boardwalk through the forest, then on a dirt path running by a river and you arrive at Grinnell Lake, tucked deep in the forest between two mountains.

5. Two Medicine Lake

Two Medicine was the perfect, relaxing place to spend our last day at GNP. We took a boat across the lake and took it easy with a guided hike. We learned from our guide that the white poufs of flower we’d been admiring our entire time at Glacier are called Bear Grass (although it isn’t a grass and doesn’t attract bears.) Apparently, this plant only blossoms every 5-7 years and we were lucky enough to see it in full bloom! Kinda reminded me of a Dr. Seuss world.

We also were able to see a moose on this trail! It walked right out on the trail in front of us and we had to cut our hike short, but totally worth it!


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