DIY Dresser Makeover for $20

I'm a side sleeper. Which means every morning I wake up, the first thing I see is our dresser. The cheap, boring, thrift store dresser. After waking up to this bland sight for wayyyy too many mornings in a row, I decided to DIY that garbage. Now, it's bedroom stunna that has my style written… Continue reading DIY Dresser Makeover for $20

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Do Go Chasing Waterfalls 

This summer, I enjoyed an amazing adventure with a group of friends in Valentine, NE, home to the Niobrara River. This area is the definition of a hidden gem.  We set off in the afternoon with nine adventurous souls and their tubes roped together. Our friend's outdoorsy pup led the way.  The river itself was… Continue reading Do Go Chasing Waterfalls 

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How Food Can Help Us Achieve World Peace

Food is powerful. It can turn hangry  into happy, cranky into chummy. Even biblical Esau gave up his entire future for a mouthwatering bowl of stew. You can't deny there's a carnal power hidden in food. So, why not use that to change the world? To achieve world peace. You're not seeing the correlation? Allow… Continue reading How Food Can Help Us Achieve World Peace

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Traveling Back in Time at The State Fair

State fairs always feel like a journey back in time to me. The celebration of agricultural successes, the "screw health!" cuisine, the historic buildings full of sweating's all a little nostalgic.  Even the kids playing in street fountains makes me think of the days before AC, when water was the only way to cool… Continue reading Traveling Back in Time at The State Fair


A Private Tour into My Beloved Treasure Box

There's something enchanting about treasure boxes. They sit quietly, guarding their contents until the day a curious soul discovers them. My mother's jewelry box was like this. I remember exploring its contents as a kid, gingerly holding each earring or trinket. I'd examine all the intricate details, smell the aged brass.  It's fascinating to touch… Continue reading A Private Tour into My Beloved Treasure Box