A Private Tour into My Beloved Treasure Box

There's something enchanting about treasure boxes. They sit quietly, guarding their contents until the day a curious soul discovers them. My mother's jewelry box was like this. I remember exploring its contents as a kid, gingerly holding each earring or trinket. I'd examine all the intricate details, smell the aged brass.  It's fascinating to touch… Continue reading A Private Tour into My Beloved Treasure Box


TV Shows I’m Obsessed With Lately

I'm curled up on the couch, TV screen screen flashing before me, blanket grasped tightly over my mouth. I'm poised to cover my eyes, should the faceless man appear again. He does. I gasp. Then the screen goes black. And I click "next episode." This has been my TV experience the past week. I just… Continue reading TV Shows I’m Obsessed With Lately

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Jamaica Adventures (with Sea Turtles, mon!)

Imagine sitting in a breeezy nighttime patio, waves crashing nearby and the aromas of hot plantains mingling with saltwater. Oh, and the love of your life is gazing out at the shadowy beach next to you. That was my reality while honeymooning in Jamaica. We basically lived in those tropical island calendar photos for a… Continue reading Jamaica Adventures (with Sea Turtles, mon!)