11 Q&As (Liebster Award)

Blog awards never get old. Being honored with the acknowledgement that your grasp on writing stands out, your content is intriguingly exceptional, that you capture people's attention enough to make them want more; that's an incredible distinction! I love how the blog world seeks to help one another by supporting talented writers through comments, awards… Continue reading 11 Q&As (Liebster Award)


Seagull Award!! (a HUGE honor)

I’m so excited to accept the elite Seagull award that I was nominated for by Kristi on Bonafide Kristi! This is such a huge deal for me because I’ve been hoping to be honored with this incredible award since I first heard of it in January. The seagull award is distinct because you only nominate… Continue reading Seagull Award!! (a HUGE honor)


Award season is upon us!

No, I didn't get an Oscar nom, but I did receive something better... I am officially a receiver of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award, because the amazing Brittney Fitney nominated me! Her blog is seriously the bee's knees, everyone. If you are interested in fitness, food and the occasional fashionista post, please visit Brittney's blog. It's awesome. Thanks… Continue reading Award season is upon us!