11 Q&As (Liebster Award)

Blog awards never get old. Being honored with the acknowledgement that your grasp on writing stands out, your content is intriguingly exceptional, that you capture people's attention enough to make them want more; that's an incredible distinction! I love how the blog world seeks to help one another by supporting talented writers through comments, awards… Continue reading 11 Q&As (Liebster Award)


Liebster Award!

Good morning blog family! I'm thrilled to announce that I've been nominated for the Liebster award from not one, but THREE fellow bloggers! What an amazing honor. I'm seriously ecstatic! I've been nominated by Soph on Honey Bunny Soph, Jess on Anderson Ever After and Britt on Brittney Fitney, whose blogs are all top-notch and an utter joy to follow!… Continue reading Liebster Award!


National Good Samaritan/Open an Umbrella Indoors Day

Obscure, unofficial “national” days can be fun. And today seems like a great day for some fun! National Good Samaritan Day: Later this morning, I made plans to help unload and organize donated food intended for local people in need. Though it's nowhere near the selfless act of the biblical good Samaritan, it will help families who are… Continue reading National Good Samaritan/Open an Umbrella Indoors Day