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Square feet & 6 other “normal” quirks

I've been told I have square feet. By multiple people. My grandma literally busted out laughing when my boyfriend pointed out how square they are and she looked down to confirm. Having spent my whole life with these boxy little cuties, I never noticed. And that's not my only unique bodily quirk... 1. Uncontrollable eye… Continue reading Square feet & 6 other “normal” quirks


11 Q&As (Liebster Award)

Blog awards never get old. Being honored with the acknowledgement that your grasp on writing stands out, your content is intriguingly exceptional, that you capture people's attention enough to make them want more; that's an incredible distinction! I love how the blog world seeks to help one another by supporting talented writers through comments, awards… Continue reading 11 Q&As (Liebster Award)


Why You Should Be Celebrating May Day

With this Friday comes one of the most beautiful holidays of the year. Not to be confused with the "holiday" my grandma declares, "Horray, horray the first of May! Outdoor sex begins today!" Yes, that was a quote from my dear grandmother. I love that woman to death. Unfortunately for you, this post is not about… Continue reading Why You Should Be Celebrating May Day


A-Zs of classiness (ladies and gentlemen)

When I think of classy role models I usually think of people like Julie Andrews, George Clooney, Lupita Nyong'o, to name a few. However, the thing about class is, it has nothing to do with money or status. It has everything to do with attitude. Luckily, attitude is something that is in every person's own control. I can be… Continue reading A-Zs of classiness (ladies and gentlemen)