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It's a fast-paced world we live in. So many products market time-saving, fastest delivery, on and on. People use the phrase, "stop and smell the roses" but find it hard to actually live it. That phrase inspired this poem. I wanted to modernize the sentiment. Coffee seemed like a good place to start. You either… Continue reading Decaffeinate


Safe Love

I've never been the world's most decisive person. I prefer to let my feelings develop, cultivate and flourish over time. Which is why I knew I wouldn't be the type to fall in love. Instead, I preferred taking my time descending the spiral staircase while smelling the roses, thank you very much. My relationship is a stark comparison… Continue reading Safe Love

Poetry, Writing

A poet’s duty

When I write poetry, I always try to create something beautiful or reveal a truth. It's far too easy to find poetry proclaiming sorrows when the world already has plenty of sadness. While melancholy words have their time and place, I'd rather write something that speaks to the spirit within us all that craves beauty, rhythm, magic. Writing… Continue reading A poet’s duty